Whether you’re cutting them up for The Trinity (onion, celery, and bell pepper), mincing them for guacamole, or slicing them for a morning citrus salad, you’re sure to find a nice New Awlins (Orleans) tang to the organic Red Creole onions coming in from southern Louisiana right now.

We just received our first harvests of these beautiful purple/red orbs on Tuesday and the aroma and tears are flowing in Chef Carmie’s kitchen.

With a clear, spicy-sweet flavor of medium heat, this onion develops a sweet, mellow flavor when caramelized. It is considered by many in the south to be the ideal onion for incorporation with peppers and celery creating The Trinity, and an important staple in cooking, especially the south.

Stay with us for a few days this summer and taste the many ways we’re going to incorporate these deep red beauties into breakfasts made especially for you.

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