green-hotels-ally-memberFor earth’s sake and your health, we have initiated a series of green practices that will make the earth healthier, and you too! Besides our “core” practices of cleaning and laundering with exclusively green products, our guests can now conveniently recycle on site and rest assured they are contributing to earth friendly practices every time a light is turned on or a shower is used.

Our sustainable practices include:

  • Installation of 74 solar panels, using our natural resource, the sun, to produce nearly 90% of our total power usage.
  • Installation of energy saving light bulbs in all units.
  • Decorating with recycled products for uniqueness and sustainability.
  • “Green Seal” Zero-VOC paints and stains.
  • Reduction of water use by installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures.
  • Energy efficient, operable windows to maximize natural light and circulation of air.
  • Reduced lawn area by 2000 sf, replaced with xeriscape, native Florida planting.
  • Free bicycles to all guests to encourage alternative transportation options.
  • All replacement and retrofitting using recycled or energy-efficient materials.
  • Reduction of daily housekeeping services to Monday, Thursday laundry schedules.
  • Replacement through attrition of all linens to 100% cotton or sustainable product content, ie: bamboo, hemp and other renewable resources.

As part of our commitment to furthering an eco-friendly vacation atmosphere, we offer a completely non-smoking environment for all of our guests.